We are a surf & turf fine-dining restaurant located in Bucharest’s foodie hotspot, in the north of the city, and we believe in hospitality done right, with attention to every detail and dedication to create a memorable experience for every client that stops by and tastes our food.

We believe in high quality first and foremost, from the smallest ingredient to the final dish and we use fresh and local produce as much as we can, without any compromise on quality. We choose the best tastes, wherever they come from.

You will find in our restaurant a large selection of fish & seafood, amazing steaks, risotto & pasta with a rich taste, lush desserts, and a surprising selection of flavorful starters.

Our team of reputed professionals in cooking and hospitality has a long experience in caring for clients, in top restaurants in Bucharest and abroad, and are qualified to recommend food & wine pairings for every dish on our menu.


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